Premium Gag Gifts to Brighten (or ruin) Someone's Day!

Gift Boxes for People Who Complain Too Much

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Certified Complainer Gift Box | Sad Tiny Violin for People Who Complain Too Much, A Little Cheese for that Whine, (3) World's Smallest Violin

Certified Complainer Gift Box

One Sad Tiny Violin, Three World's Smallest Violins, A Little Cheese for That Whine, 10 Sad Violin Cards and a Personalized Note

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Chronic Complainer Gift Box | Two Sad Tiny Violins, Two Little Cheeses for that Whine, Six Worlds Smallest Violins, 20 Cards for Complainers

Chronic Complainer Gift Box

Two Sad Tiny Violins, Six World's Smallest Violins, Two Little Cheeses for That Whine, 20 Sad Violin Cards and a Personalized Note

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Sad Tiny Violins for Couples Who Complain Too Much | Two Sad Tiny Violins, Four World's Smallest Violins, 10 Business Cards for Complainers

Sad Tiny Violins for Couples

Two Sad Tiny Violins, Four World's Smallest Violins, 10 Sad Violin Cards and a Personalized Note

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Single Sad Tiny Violin for People Who Complain Too Much | Gift Box with Personalized Written Letter

Single Sad Tiny Violin Gift Box

One Sad Tiny Violin, One FREE World's Smallest Violin, 5 Sad Violin Cards and a Personalized Note

All Products for People Who Complain Too Much

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Sad Tiny Violin for People Who Complain Too Much™

Sad Tiny Violin for People 

Who Complain Too Much

Exactly what the title says. We all know one person that needs this.

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World's Smallest Violin (Pack of 3)

World's Smallest Violin
(Pack of 3)

A Tiny Violin for Tiny Problems. Show me a smaller violin. I'll wait.

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A Little Cheese for that Whine

A Little Cheese 

for that Whine

That notorious joke that every 1/10 Dads have on deck!

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Adult Sized Pacifier

Adult Sized Pacifiers "Mouth Plugs" for Grown Babies

Plug em' shut and say goodbye to Adult Tantrums

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Last Place Medal for Losers | Last Place Award

Last Place Medal for (sore) Losers and People that Suck at Everything.

The nicest award they ever receive is for Last Place.

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"Womp Womp" Sad Tiny Trombone for Unlucky People

Do you know somebody that is so unlucky that they seem cursed? Say "Womp Womp"

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Sad Violin Cards (Pack of 20)

Sad Violin Cards
(Pack of 20)

Business Cards to Hand-out to people who Complain Too Much

You Complain Too Much is a Gift Brand that brings your Favorite Metaphors to Life.

Whether you want to be the person that gives the Greatest Birthday Gift of All Time, send an Anonymous Gift to someone who is very annoying, or want to Sabotage Random People in Public! 

This is the place to be for the Highest Quality Unusual Gifts!

See what Your Victim sees

(Click the drop-down arrow)

POV you sent it to their house:

Mysterious Package on Front Step
(Or in Mailbox)

Opens package on the counter:
*They can't believe what they are seeing*
"I complain too much?!?!"

*Posts something like this on social media asking who sent it*

*Opens your personalized message*
"Oh, it was Missy and Greg"

POV you snuck it on their desk while they were away:

*They sit back down for some Important Work but they are interrupted by this mysterious box.*

*Picks up the Box*
"Sad Tiny Violin for WHO?!"

*Furiously dumps out the contents*

*Drafts an email to HR so they can report that someone is bullying them*

*Deletes the email because they actually love the surprise gift*

*Drafts a new email*

The Gift that Keeps on Giving (Laughs)

This was absolutely perfect! I wasn't expecting to have so much detail! Perfect little prop!

Reptillian Potato


This makes me ridiculously happy. I actually ran to the mailbox when I received notification that it was delivered. Came with a stand, bow and carrying case. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! Also, received SO much more quickly than most of what I ordered this holiday season! Thank you!!

Heather W. 


Hilarious that this even exists! I had to have one! Thanks for the laugh and great detail!

Ahriman B.


Item exactly as described, delivered quickly. Even came with a stand and a few cards. Very cool! Totally worth it so see the face of the guy I gave it to!

Zane D.


This is a hilarious gift for my boss, he couldn't stop laughing

Shawn W.


I bought this as a silly gift for my dad, but the quality blew us out of the water! He laughed a lot and enjoyed setting it on his desk to always have it on hand when he needs it haha

Tori W.


I run the social media pages for an historic house museum. We have a little ghost mascot and this little violin was perfect for him! It shipped and arrived super quickly. Amazing quality, I am so impressed and highly recommend!

Bella T.


This was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is top notch quality and it was purchased for my best friend as a birthday gift. It completely matches the pictures and is VERY well made. The Seller was kind, prompt and I will be purchasing more from this store in the future!! Also, they were super kind enough to include a cure heartfelt message to my friend as well and it was like a perfect finishing touch. One of the best stores I've bought from. 15 out of 10!!

Saialock T.


Beautifully made with great detail! So funny and enjoyed taking it to work to place on my desk to utilize whenever someone came to complain. 😂

Tiffany F.


I bought this as a gift for Clejan, The Trap Violinist (check him out on TikTok). He loved it! It comes with a stand, a bow, and looks EXACTLY like a violin only much smaller. Really great item!

Raving B.


I'm looking forward to seeing the person's face when they open this little gem!

Jillian E.


Got this for my husband for his birthday. It's adorable. Can't wait to see his reaction.

Samantha W.


I bought these to give as gag gifts to my friends whenever they whine and complain about first world problems. At first it often makes them mad, then they get embarrassed and laugh, and then they get excited that they have a tiny violin. Some will keep them, and some will take glee in bestowing them to their next owner, who is often me.

Wesley G.


My husband takes this to work and keeps it in the pocket of his uniform to roast his colleagues. 10/10

Morgan H.


The detail on this thing is ridiculous! Love it. Now I can let everyone on Zoom know how I feel about their lack of free office coffee. 'Yeah, that sounds tough. Let me play you a selection from the 'Tough Crap' collection.'

Jeremy O.


Love this! Beautiful quality everything! Looks beautiful displayed. Bought it as a kind of a joke to play when a family member complains a lot… but it's too beautiful to play with! I will treasure it.

Terry C.


Omg this is the cutest best little violin ever!! It's better than I imagined it would be. They put so much detail and care into making the violin look beautiful. I have collected miniatures for over 20 years and this one will be added to my favorites!! :)

Susi D.


My purchase was exactly as described. Shipping was super quick and I am happy with my purchase. The owner of my company is going to be so excited that I got him the smallest violin to play when he's in meetings with dramatic employees. Lol

Michelle F.


Bought it as a gift for my mom, she absolutely loves it. ♥️🎻

Christina K.


I was expecting at this price to get something that wasnt the pictured quality I was pleasantly surprised the item I received is high quality and an excellent addition to my collection of silly, useless things

Kimber R.


It's so adorable! I ordered this to send to my sister overseas as a joke since she couldn't take her real life violin. It shipped out quickly and with no issues. Very pleased with this purchase.

Shea D.


This violin was a late night drunk purchase so when it arrived in my mailbox I was the most surprised! This violin is so well made! It really looks like they just shrunk a real one. The case is adorable, I can't wait to play this in front of a wet blanket at a party! I am in love with this gift to me from drunk me. Thank you!

Ignacia S.


Just what I needed for my coworkers.

Tim M.


I gave this item to my best friend for her birthday. She loved it so much. Her kids not so much.

Lyndsee H.


HAH! So cool. Playing scrabble with my sister is more fun now. My sister couldnt stop laughing. She's such a whiner, lol

Paul C.


I don't usually write reviews but seriously, buy it. Not only is this little thing absolutely FULL of beautiful details but I got the shipping notification same day I ordered and it arrived the very next day! 100% recommended. Amazing

Llana J.


Oh I can't wait to give this to my best friend for his birthday. I'll make sure to edit in September. Okay on to the product!!! Very, very, very well made. Like impressively well made. From the case, to the violin, to the bow...they are all perfect. It's honestly even better in person. I also love the cards in the box that I assume you hand out to play them a sad song lol thank you for making something so awesome for me to pick on my best friend with :)

Samantha H.


it's so cute and remarkably detailed! my dad uses it all the time as a comedic punchline. love it!

Vi C.


I always wanted this and it's look so cute. It's also fit right in with my mini toys.

Linda W.


This was bought as a gift for someone who always uses the expression about the worlds tiniest violin wiping the worlds smallest tears. It arrived within the days of estimated delivery, well packaged and good quality. Would buy from them again and would also recommend.

Shannon B.


This little violin just arrived. Super fast delivery! The detail of the violin and even the case, was a huge and happy surprise! It's going on my desk at work. I wonder if any of those people will get the not so subtle gist? I'll probably get a lot of people wanting one of their own. Thank you!

Melissa R.


I love it so much. The office just got a lot more exciting

Christina S.


Absolutely perfect gifts for some special teachers I know!! The details of these violins are exquisite and perfect for their whiney students!! Can't wait to see their faces when they unbox them. Love the added cards!! And even more the teenie, tiny violins!! Thank you for such a unique gift!!

Michelle K.


I absolutely love this piece! The detail is outstanding and quality of work is better than I expected. I will proudly display in my work office! Thank you again for a wonderful and trusting shopping experience!

Jennifer H.

I bought this as a gag gift form someone. It's really cute, high quality, the case and now is great. The violin itself even has f holes cut out.

Takera K.


This exceeded my expectations! It was almost too good to be true :) it's exactly as shown, the quality craftsmanship is incredible. Such a cute and beautiful little violin. All of the accessories were included. Such a good deal, thank you!

Michelle K.


You Complain Too Much is fantastic stands by what they say, followed up on any questions. Very patient when I made a mistake in ordering! And the product is off the hook!! I saw reviews they are all right lol!! Very Pleased in Calif.

Mike C.

It was a lovely package and a fun little selection of cards with my tiny violin. Great addition to my workplace especially since I'm public facing. Perfection.

Ariel S.


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